Developer of Front-Ends

Jason Adam

Front end developer in Vancouver, BC. Recent work for Granville Island Brewing and Wanderoot Craft Cider. Headhunters - I work in HTML, CSS, JS, and PHP. I’ve got experience working with sites through all stages of their lifecycle. I sling code for many deployments including; websites, emails, and banner ads (please don’t tell my family about the last one).

A little about (non-dev) me… I’ve played lacrosse internationally; in Berlin, Vienna, Malmö, Copenhagen, and Prague. While we’re on the subject (we’re not really), I’m a fan of the Oxford comma. Just recently, I sailed through the Panama Canal and across the Pacific Ocean to the Galápagos Islands.

Code I've coddled

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Give me a shout* if you like the cut of my jib**.